Taipei International Flora Expo Interactive

Geny Caloisi

Taipei International Flora Exposition features interactive digital signage on its “Pavilion of the Future”. The fifteen displays installed had to be industrial-grade, providing stable services in sub-optimal conditions, such as the dampness created by fog sprays designed to keep the floral arrangements fresh.

Advantech was selected by the Flora expo management team and charged with the overall planning, consulting, construction, and maintenance of the project. A tight, three day schedule was imposed for completion and testing of the entire system, from hardware and software, to networking and power.

Advantech chose its UTC-520 which is an industrial-grade computing platform that is splash proof, fanless, and operates with low power. It is easily integrated with other expo content, and provides a stable system that can operate without interruption over long periods of time.

Terry Chang, Assistant Project Manager for Advantech’s iService department said, “The grooved edge of UTC-520 makes it easy to integrate different peripheral attachments without sacrificing looks. It also allows the exhibition service company to assemble their own display equipment. With UTC-520’s stylish design and adaptability, different event requirements can be easily satisfied, allowing the company to provide self-service and information delivery solutions to many different international exhibitions.”

Opened in November the Expo will end this April 25.

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