#MPDOOH Another Event For Our Calendar

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The MediaPost’s 4th annual Digital Out-of-Home Forum (held yesterday in New York in case you were in any doubt) has been in our Events calendar since the event first came onto our radar screens back in February and judging by the reaction of those we sent to cover the event (Gail and JP), those we spoke to who attended and even those we spoke to who watched parts of the live stream and followed the event on twitter it seems to be an event that will be a very firm part of our events calendar going forward.

Gail with Joe Mandese, MediaPost editor-in-chief

The event was attended by a who’s who of the industry and our Gail alone met and spoke with Akoo’s Andy Stankiewicz, Peter Bowen, a bunch of people from Adspace, Alan Schulman, Art Williams, Dennis Roche, Tony Jarvis, Jim Harris, Graeme Spicer, Rob Gorrie of course, the Six Flags executives, Debbie Reichig from Clear Channel, Alex Baker from DOmedia, Dominic Porco, Bill Ketcham, others from Mall Network, DJG Marketing, Lifetime Fitness, VeriFone, Gas Station Network, Susan Danaher from the DPAA and more.

For those eager to know what was presented and discussed we will of course have MORE reports from the event up in the next 24 hours.

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