Litelogic Million Dollar Deal With Titan Worldwide

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Back in September in a post entitled ‘Chicago Buses Get Titan’s Version Of Superscreens‘ we reminded you that “Litelogic already supply LED Superscreens to approximately 25 CBS Outdoor managed buses in London” and went on to say that Litelogic were almost definitely the supplier to Titan for their Chicago rollout “CTA unveils digital advertising on No. 124 bus … doesn’t mention Litelogic at all, our sources in the US tell us that these are definitely one and the same”

Today sees official confirmation in a press release ‘Titan Worldwide in pioneering multi-million dollar deal with Litelogic to introduce state-of-the-art digital displays to buses’

New York, 20 October 2008 : In the first deal of this size and scale, Titan Worldwide today announced that it has signed a multi-million dollar deal with Litelogic, the UK-based digital advertising network solutions innovator, to receive and display Bus King size screens on transit authority buses, starting with tests in New York and Chicago.

These LED screens will be fitted with GPS technology and will be powered by Litelogic’s proprietary Litecast software platform so that they can be instantly changed to reflect their location. Its dynamic systems will allow advertisers to target specific locations at specific times of day using high definition quality advertisements.

By the year end, it is expected that numbers will increase from an initial 100 buses to a total of 300, with 200 potentially deployed in New York, and 100 in Chicago. This is the first digital bus advertising launch in North America, and the first of its scale anywhere in the World.

Don Allman, President and CEO of Titan Worldwide said “We are proud to be introducing North America’s first dynamic digital bus displays – and the first transit network of this scale anywhere in the world. We now offer advertisers a new flexibility with total control over when and where their messages can be targeted. We really like the technology Litelogic has developed and see enormous potential in our relationship. This is a significant deal for us as we expand our digital inventory across our markets.”

James Burrows, Group CEO of Litelogic said: “This Evolution Bus deployment represents a milestone for Litelogic and we are delighted to be in partnership with Titan Worldwide in this venture. The challenge for the team was to develop high resolution digital display screens that would not only work on the side of a various bus models, but also meet Titan’s world-class performance criteria. They had to be lightweight, thin, robust, low energy, high definition, scalable, powered by no more than the available bus battery power and viewable in direct sunlight.”

Litelogic’s proprietary Litecast software platform and GPS tracking system enable advertisers to choose where and when their advert will be screened. Litecast is capable of running a shopper enticing Macy’s ad outside Bloomingdales and change to advertising a hungry tourist grabbing Chinese food promotion in Chinatown. The software platform has the potential to transform the outdoor advertising industry and promises radically better results for advertisers by targeting specific audiences.


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