Don’t Think That Project Can Be Done In Scala?

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

While we missed the beginning of the presentation by James Fine, president, and Stéphane Bastien, technical director, of Montreal-based Telecine Multimedia at Scala’s Connected Signage Conference (we were also trying to take in a simultaneous presentation on retail), we saw enough to see how they were showing attendees that virtually any project can be handled with Scala’s management software.

Stéphane Bastien & James Fine

Among the many successful projects this team showed off were how it incorporated music using Scala into its displays for Urban Outfitters (It included a subserver so people could find out what music was being played); how it incorporated real time 3D for a New Year’s countdown for the Casino de Chalevoix; and how 92 different templates were developed for Accuweather for use by various zip codes and different size screens. (We apparently missed a demonstration of a Bombardier kiosk that drew the audience’s rapt attention.)

Telecine also announced that it is working with new clients Bloomberg TV, incorporating financial videos and news, and something called footage2go, which we hope to learn more about when back at our home base of Montreal.

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