Eye’s Digital Gantry

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The advertising market has jumped at the chance to advertise on the newest Large Format high definition digital sites to hit Melbourne Airport.

Isn't this cool?

The advertising sites are Australia’s first high definition external airport digital billboards, including two of the largest 6 x 9 metre digital roadside billboards, as well as one 23 x 3 metre landmark digital gantry site (shown to the right here) targeting 100% of departing and arriving passengers from Melbourne Airport.

Robbie Dery, General Manager – Eye Fly, ANZ told us “We were always confident the new landmark digital media opportunities at Melbourne Airport would resonate strongly with the market but the result has far exceeded our expectations. The sites represent the highest quality offering to a high value audience in a high impact environment, which is what advertisers are looking for.”

EYE’s airport media business Eye Fly has secured a number of brands to launch the newly built sites, with remaining space now limited we understand.

Dery also told us “It is no coincidence that our asset development strategy is heavily focused on digital technology. Airports attract a highly valuable audience and EYE is well placed to connect brands with the lucrative 110 million Flyers that travel through our airports across Australia and New Zealand, each year.”

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