First TELentice Install In Europe

Chris Sheldrake

Again you will think us sad but we do like to spot the early industry networks which are out there (we are often asked, what networks are the very early examples).

We also like to see first installs by companies and how they may have changed over time.

There are two networks in Switzerland, Manor and Tamoil which have been running since 2000 / 2001. In both cases the network owner is PubliPOS, the hardware was designed and build by IBC Retail and they are both examples of a TELentice managed service provided by MALER CORP S.L.

In fact they were probably the first TELentice installs in Europe.

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  1. Olivier2f Says:

    The positioning of this blog is really weird.
    Sometimes it covers the LCD next door, sometimes rumors about Scala, sometimes a billboard in Venezuela.
    What is the coherence in all this?

    It lacks the real industry coverage, covering the players (which are not, I am sorry, Neo, Neo and,… hu… yes, Neo. Despite they are a sponsor of yours…).

  2. Adrian J Cotterill Says:

    Hopefully the ‘coherence’ is that we try to cover as much of the Digital Out of Home marketplace as possible.

    Our Target Audience is Media Owners, Media Planners, Media Buyers, Brands, Advertising Agencies, VCs, Retailers, Corporate and Retail Investors so we try to cover campaign and brand specific subjects rather than spend too much time on the technology itself.

    Rumour, gossip, opinion and the occasional discourse on technology we think help break up any monotony.

    Our typical Readership is (Target Audience+) Industry Execs, Screen Network Owners, Hardware and Software Suppliers, Journalists, Content Agencies, Conference Organisers

    With 1,000 – 1,300 unique users every week day we must be doing something right.

    Our sponsor until Feb 2009 is actually ISE, Amsterdam – we will of course do everything we can to help them promote that event and the DOOH Business Conference that runs just before and alongside it.

    Neo Advertising along with MediaZest were our first two banner advertisers. They helped us get started with bringing advertising and sponsorship to the site. They now sit alongside a dozen other banner advertisers of ours.

    Neo has the largest geographical coverage of any screen network company anywhere in the world and we are sure will continue to get the coverage it deserves both on our site and elsewhere.

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