Make your venue the most exclusive place in town

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Mediatheme, a relative newcomer to the UK pub, club, bar screen network business have created The VIP Lounge as an umbrella brand to house what they see as exclusive and compelling content.

Pubs, Clubs and Bars are always looking for different ways to bring in new customers and retain old ones. As part of Mediatheme’s entertainment offering they have come up with a nice package concept where venue owners can build their own regular ‘show’ and combine it with food or drink deals.

One the first deals is with the Comedy Club who will provide exclusive shows to the screens in Mediatheme’s venues.

The deal offers enough content for each venue to show two comedians a month and each act lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Mediatheme haven’t gone live yet with screen advertising but are looking soon at putting sponsorship packages around their most popular events – “the Comedy Club brought to you in conjunction with ….” for example.

The VIP Lounge was launched in October this year and seems to be proving extremely popular with existing customers. Mediatheme are keen to release one new content package at least once a year.

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