OpenSplash Ripples Ready To Wave

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It’s ripples from OpenSplash at the moment rather than waves but it’s a start and (now about to mix metaphors, says he) from little acorns do mighty trees grow.

OpenSplash only physically appeared in two places last week at #ScreenMediaExpo but got lots of unprompted mentions from some surprising sources.

  1. Dirk Hülsermann, president of OVAB Europe, and Manager DOOH Solutions, NEC, kicked off the ScreenMedia Professionals Conference last week at #ScreenMediaExpo with a ‘Do your homework’ message to the industry and had some strong words to say about standardisation. He was only on speaking for 15 minutes but what he had to say deserved at least an hour. We liked of course his message about software; especially when he said “in terms of software, Ayuda’s OpenSplash has been standardized as a player and I hope others will use it”.
  2. Denise Macdonell from Harris said during our Q+A Digital Signage Round Table “I love the stuff that the OpenSplash platform is doing on the player side and the execution of the content on the network. We are very excited about that. We’re very excited to be participating in that and to certify our software on that type of platform as I believe it will open up the marketplace”

Bryan Crotaz from Silver Curve deserves great credit for singlehandedly helping ONELAN be the first digital signage software vendor (other than parent Ayuda Media Systems) to display a working OpenSplash player.

Bryan spoke with us at #ScreenMediaExpo and said “OpenSplash is highly extensible. Each piece of logic can be replaced quite easily. However while the documentation tells the developer what each class and property means it doesn’t tell them how it fits together and what is expected of each module. 90% of the time taken to integrate the OneLan CMS was in working out which modules to replace, and what exactly our new module was being expected to do in detail by the overall architecture”.

The work we understand took 6 – 8 days and lots of long nights, Bryan continued “Having built up this expertise and experience, Silver Curve now looks to assist other signage manufacturers and integrators who wish to change or extend Open Splash for their uses without going through the same steep learning. Their advantage is that any costs of doing so are one-off. Neither OpenSplash nor Silver Curve charge any license fees for deployment”.

As previously documented Ayuda had on display in London Splash player software having been ported to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

OpenSplash’s LaunchPad is all setup and we are just waiting for a piece of legal paperwork with regard GPL and we will be all set to release it proper outside of the OpenSplash Steering Group.

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