BlueFox Waiting Room Content

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Bluefox, an independent company providing content for digital screens, has created customized infotainment content for doctor’s waiting rooms in New York.

BlueFox is known for providing all kinds of premium content for digital-out-of-home screens in transport, shopping malls and in corporate communication. Now this leading European content provider for digital out-of-home has entered into the world of medical content. Through strategic content partners, BlueFox now has a wide range of content for hospitals, doctors offices and dental facilities and can service health care content- related needs.

In the US, BlueFox content is now on the screens of Waiting Room Promotions in New York. This specialized network operator creates and delivers unique informational and entertainment programming, providing marketing opportunities for local and national brands whose goal is to reach patients in health care providers’ offices.

Waiting Room Promotions currently has a network of more than 200 screens and is constantly growing. The program, designed to improve the waiting time experience by offering digital media that is entertaining and educational, is now enriched with customized content, created by BlueFox for this purpose.

“Waiting Room Promotions chose BlueFox for the creation and delivery of tailor-made content; attractive and relevant for the audience,” says Guillaume de la Tour, CEO of BlueFox.

Steven Yankiver, president of Waiting Room Promotions Inc., says, “After an initial test phase with a very positive feedback from patients, practitioners, office staff and advertisers, the full rollout is taking place at end of May.”

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