#InfoComm11 Takes A Green First STEP

Geny Caloisi

On the first day of #InfoComm11 show, InfoComm International announced the formation of STEP (Sustainable Technologies Environment Program).

The Foundation, which has InfoComm International and IT organisation CompTIA as its initial sustaining members, will promote sustainable practices by the associations’ members and their customers.

The STEP rating system will be a tool for owners and technology providers to plan for and implement sustainable practices in their technology projects. Successful projects will contribute to an organization’s sustainability goals and will be recognized by STEP.

“The development of STEP and the formation of the STEP Foundation is a reflection on InfoComm’s commitment to making the electronic systems within the built-environment sustainable,” said Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., Executive Director and CEO, InfoComm International. “We are pleased that CompTIA is able to join us in promoting concepts that are both good for business and good for the environment.”

“InfoComm already has made great strides on the universal and AV specific components of the STEP rating system, and now CompTIA will begin the task of developing IT aspects of the framework, such as data centers and the cloud, the role of managed IT and print services, cabling and product end-of-life issues,” said Todd Thibodeaux, President and CEO, CompTIA. “Technology plays a key role in helping our society go ‘green’ and we’re delighted to partner with InfoComm to help businesses across multiple technology areas build sustainable best practices.”

The STEP Foundation will raise revenue through member dues, sponsorships, donations, education activities, certification fees, and project fees. A robust education and communications program will provide interested parties information about the STEP program and sustainability issues. The foundation will not serve as a lobbying organization.

Management of the STEP activities will be led by an Executive Director, Allen Weidman, who will retain his role as Sustainability Officer for InfoComm International, and InfoComm will serve as the Secretariat to the Board to provide basic business functions and other operations necessary to support the policy directions of the Foundation Board.

The management hopes to entice other associations to join with the program, understanding that there will be different rating systems for each. In announcing the program, the organizers said that it will work with all associations, and hopes to get demos up later this year.

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