Julian Clogg Joins WRT

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We don’t quite know what Julian Clogg will do exactly at WRT Group plc but we hear that he has left the (new revitalised) Life Channel, where he has been since 2003 to join WRT.

WRT don’t have much digital other than some screens in about 70 Tesco Cafes in the UK – being better known for the postcard sized adverts you see at the end of shops and supermarkets advertising odd job men and the like. It’s curious then that he is leaving one of the better known media companies in the UK for a local media company in Blackpool. Anyway, Julian was National Sales Director at The Life Channel and is well thought of in the industry.

4 Responses to “Julian Clogg Joins WRT”

  1. Stuart Chambers Says:

    Adrian, I agree Julian is one of the few digital signage media salesman who understood this emerging medium, but more importantly consistently extracted recurring income from clients and media agencies alike. Not sure why WRT holds such an appeal with just a small screen network left in Tesco, but I am sure he will begin to change that opportunity.

  2. Jeremy Earley Says:

    I am pleased to hear that Julian is joing WRT. I previosly worked with Julian for 7 years at The Life Channel in my role as Commercial Director in which i looked after The Department of Health Account and other National Government agencies I admired the work Julian did with agencies and is a welcome addition to the new national team at WRT.

  3. Angela Dawson Says:

    Having had the ultimate priviledge of working with Julian at The Life Channel for a number of years also, I am delighted to learn that I will have the pleasure of working with him again.

    As Stuart quite rightly states, Julian is one of the few digital signage media sales people who understand the emerging medium. Julian will no doubt be a huge asset for WRT with our portfolio of new emerging media

  4. Phil Austin Says:

    You are absolutely right and Julian is also a great chap and I will miss him greatly. He did also however sell on the the largest, most sucessful and best known DOOH network in the UK.

    Phil Austin

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