Spain’s Elektra Uses C-nario

Geny Caloisi

Elektra, a Spanish chain of electric appliances and kitchen furniture, has chosen C-nario Messenger for its implementation of digital signage on its main showroom. The company is planning to roll out DS across its 17 branch stores in the coming months.

The 2X2 video wall at Elektra’s main showroom in San Sebastian, called Lifeevolution, displays in-store products and product information to customers in brilliant high-definition, creating a unique in-store experience. The same content will be displayed on the stand-alone screens in branch stores.

The content comprises of video streams, live TV feeds, images and text. C-nario’s platform will be integrated with a voice control system, allowing voice activation of various features of the displays. C-nario Messenger enables to upload and approve content, via the Web, which is displayed in the highest pixel resolution.

IKUSI, a global provider of communications and electronic solutions and services, designed and integrated the systems. LombokDesign, a Spanish advertising agency, provides the content.

“C-nario’s software enables our video wall to operate flawlessly with amazing images and video, and we are eagerly looking forward to implementing the software in the branch stores,” said Haritz Goikoetxea, technical manager of Elektra’s Lifeevolution.  “The sophisticated displays help us fulfill our marketing vision of creating a unique in-store atmosphere that captures customers’ attention.”

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