#fooh The Future Of OOH Media In The UK

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Kinetic’s breakfast briefing yesterday in London where they released and discussed their latest report ‘The future of Out of Home media in the UK to 2020′ was a resounding success.

Forget the lunacy of trying to predict anything as far ahead as 2020 for a moment – everyone that we spoke to who attended agreed how fantastic the event was.

Some of the highlights and comments from the morning included….

  • Smart posters capable of recognising and reacting to consumer type will become commonplace
  • Technology will revalue OOH and forge a close relationship with other technologies, opening up new revenue streams
  • Out of Home to see continued growth over the next decade, reaching £1.15 billion by 2020
  • Digital integration will revalue OOH and forge stronger connections with other media
  • Digital technology can reposition OOH as a niche opportunity
  • NFC to be the transformational technology for OOH
  • Clients want engagement, audience and action from OOH
  • For OOH to evolve further, we need to focus on the power of the medium in its entirety, not just new technology
  • Clients and agencies are reassessing the KPIs for measuring the success of campaigns
  • 2012 Olympics will provide a tipping point for OOH if we use the event to drive progress in OOH
  • Digital and technology developments to amplify the overall effect of traditional OOH]
  • Smartphones and mobile to be a great amplifier for OOH, utilising swipe technology and the relationship with the consumer on the move

Nick Mawditt, global director of insight and marketing, and his team and all at Kinetic who had a hand in conceiving the event, organising, presenting and working on the report should be heartily congratulated.

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  1. Sarah Athey Says:

    We’ve been reading the report this morning and there’s some very exciting information within it. At Screenreach, we’re of course very excited to be part of iOOH and the role we can play in its future. Sounds like it was a great event.

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