Digital Signage Stage Videos Released

Geny Caloisi

Infocomm 2011 has released its digital signage stage videos, which it calls ‘educational.’ At this year’s show in Orlando, there was a nice little stage and seats to share knowledge and ask the experts about the main trends of the industry.

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I sat in some of these talks at the Digital Signage Application Showcase , they were interesting BUT at the show there was context and a (running) order, unlike what has been uploaded to the YouTube site.

There are a total of 59 videos in the YouTube channel – most of them run for 20 minutes lor so. There is no way of searching by subject and there is no summary on what each of these videos are about.

The screen on the stage displayed a powerpoint presentation, but you can’t really see what’s in there on the YouTube channel.

Online, it would have surely been much better to have the video shown and besides it the powerpoint presentation.  Sessions that had open questions from the floor are particularly disappointing since you cannot hear what people were asking (no on-floor microphone), you only hear the answer from the stage meaning that most of the time (as the presenter did not repeat the question) it does not make much sense.

The one to one interviews with Lyle Bunn are the only videos that one can truly comprehend clearly.

If the objective of this YouTube channel is to allow people to see what they didn’t get the chance to see at the show, at least the videos should carry the date and time when these presentations happened.

If any of you have the chance to watch the 59 videos, please let us know what you thought of them.

Looking at the content of the videos it is also clear that the InfoComm 2011 Digital Signage Application Showcase was sponsored by BrightSign, Haivision, Multi-Media Solutions, NEC Display Solutions, Peerless Industries and TelePresence Tech.

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