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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Last Tuesday we told you that STRATACACHE were, we believed, close to launching their very own SaaS offering and yesterday they duly obliged with a press release announcing that their ActiVia for Media solution is now available as a Software as a Service Digital Signage Solution…

STRATACACHE ActiVia for Media Available as a Software as a Service Digital Signage Solution

Award-Winning Software Manages Entire Digital Signage Lifecycle

DAYTON, OH, November 7, 2008—With the overall digital signage market expected to grow from $641 million in 2008 to nearly $1.4 billion by 2013*, STRATACACHE announced today that its award-winning digital signage solution, ActiVia for Media, will be available as a comprehensive Software-as a Service (SaaS) offering beginning January 1, 2009. This expanding area of the STRATACACHE business provides users with an affordable, highly flexible solution for powerful OOH and in-store digital marketing.

In a SaaS business model, users access a hosted ActiVia for Media server cluster via a “per month per player” contract, with STRATACACHE technical support services included. As a SaaS solution, end users do not need to manage a server, content distribution, or a database—they can focus on the message and not the medium.

The ActiVia for Media SaaS model will be hosted out of a new STRATACACHE data center in North America and AT&T data centers around the globe. Through the end of the first quarter 2009, STRATACACHE will offer a special competitive trade-up program for current users of legacy digital signage solutions to support the launch of this new ActiVia SaaS offering.

“Offering ActiVia for Media as a SaaS solution provides significant benefits and efficiencies without the complexity ordinarily associated with launching a digital signage network,” said Louie Hollmeyer, STRATACACHE VP of Marketing “This option facilitates a quicker time-to-market, reduces deployment costs, and eliminates maintenance and software upgrade fees. We are launching this service to fill the void that will be left by several current digital signage SaaS offerings leaving the marketplace.”

ActiVia for Media is a highly optimized, web-accessible solution for digital marketing and merchandising that combines STRATACACHE’s patented content delivery platform with state-of-the-art digital media technology. With multi-layering features, dynamic data sources and new interactive capabilities, a single ActiVia cluster can manage the digital signage lifecycle for networks containing up to 250,000 concurrent devices.

Customers can now purchase ActiVia through a variety of arrangements that best suit their strategic objectives, including SaaS, perpetual license, or as a managed service via STRATACACHE or STRATACACHE partners worldwide.

Companies interested in the STRATACACHE ActiVia SaaS solution for managing digital signage networks should contact STRATACACHE at

*According to ABI Research’s Digital Signage Market Analysis, October 2008.

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