Top 10 Twitter Accounts In Digital Signage

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Super smart, super nice guy Kyle Porter recently made plans to leave the digital signage industry to start a new business (he was most recently with Nanolumens and we think this will be a big loss to them).

Over on his blog he wrote “Through this transition, I am left with a decision on what to do about the 60 or so digital signage accounts that I follow on twitter. This got me thinking about my favorites & the contributors whom I believe add the strong value to the Twitter ecosystem“.

His post ‘Top 10 twitter accounts in digital signage‘ is a great read and we’d recommend following his Top 10 if you don’t already do so. Do read his post but separately (and without hopefully taking away any of his ‘thunder’) here is his Top 10 (with links to the accounts so it’s a simple enough job to click and FOLLOW)…

  1. @davidweinfeld
  3. @sixteennine
  4. @wamos80
  5. @stephenrandall
  6. @Ardinger
  7. @PaulFlanigan
  8. @SignageLive
  9. @11thscreen
  10. @snarvasa

Err, and in at number 11 in his Top 10 is a certain @DailyDOOH whom he describes as “While overly brash & bold at times, there is no denying the fact that the DailyDOOH is the top information and opinion site for digital signage in the world”

He continues “Adrian and the team seem to always get the scoop. They basically have digital signage running through their veins and no DS list would be complete without them.

As we said (you see) a super smart, super nice guy 😉

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  1. Jason Says:

    Where am I on the list? @Digital_Ads

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