@AyudaSystems #DOOHbizkonf Pay Per Look

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In what was easily the best attended breakout session that we attended here at #doohbizkonf a very confident Andreas Soupliotis from Ayuda Media Systems gave a live real-time demonstration of their own pay per look proof of concept demonstration to a rapt audience …

Andreas emphasised that his demo, using a laptop, camera and Intel’s AIM Technology was a proof of concept and likened the work to that of ‘concept cars’ from the automobile manufacturers – years before a production car is produced, ideas are trialed in concept cars – some of that technology may make it into production.

It was an impressive demonstration and we’d suspect that Ayuda (and perhaps Intel) are further along than they’d like anyone to believe. The audience were suitably impressed and a good Q+A session followed.

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