Cloud Video Publishing Service For Place-Based Networks

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Wovenmedia, a place-based media services company, will tomorrow officially announce the launch of an innovative new cloud Video Publishing Service that allows businesses to create, manage and publish custom-branded video channels to any web-connected screen.

The Wovenmedia Video Service combines a suite of easy-to-use web tools with access to a licensed pool of third party content from premium providers.

Susie Opare-Abetia, Co-Founder and CEO of Wovenmedia told us
“We built this product to address a significant gap in the market for enterprises that want to control and cost-effectively deliver custom video experiences to multiple audiences on multiple screens for multiple business reasons,”

She added “We’ve had tremendously positive results from months of field testing in several market segments, and we’re delighted to announce Flexi Compras as our first retail customer”.

Using the Wovenmedia service, businesses can combine their own promotional content with pooled content, live broadcasts and social media streams, and push an unlimited number of channels to in-location private network screens, websites and mobile devices from a single, unified platform.

Wovenmedia’s service is currently deployed in 10 Flexi Compras stores in the Southeast, and will be rolled out to 75 more stores.

“We looked at other video solutions to support our in-store marketing and merchandising efforts but none of them came close to Wovenmedia’s solution; the control and flexibility they provide is unprecedented,” said Stephen Hudak, Associate Marketing Director of Flexi Compras. “We just love having the ability to deliver custom video content to all of our TV walls across our chain, and to continue our conversation with our customers over the internet all from a single platform.”

About Wovenmedia

Wovenmedia is a privately held company founded in the spring of 2010 and led by a team of technologists and media professionals, on a mission to redefine the way enterprises use video to engage their customer base across multiple viewing platforms. The company’s founders have deep roots in traditional and new media, end-to-end video technologies, and place-based video networks. Wovenmedia has offices in San Francisco and Burbank, CA.

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