Dubai Event Joins Regional Trend?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In my wrap up speech at #doohbizkonf in Munich I had a slide which simply listed ‘Moscow, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Munich’ – my point was the trend that we have seen this year of the many regional events that have been incredibly popular and incredibly successful.

Many readers (including some from the US who reminded us of DSE’s growing regional focus) agreed with us and wrote in to tell us why they they thought this trend was there and likely to agree (thirst for knowledge in growing regions, local knowledge, local big company sponsorship, focus were some of the ideas put forward – all of which we would agree with by the way).

Well, news just in is that 2012 will kick off with two events just a few weeks from each other.

We have as part of #ise2012 in Amsterdam (as usual of course) invidis’ #DiSCO12 but that is followed only a few weeks later by a bespoke regional event in Dubai on 13th February.

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