Thoughts From Co-Chair Steve Nesbit

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

“If I look at what’s going on in outdoor, digital out-of-home and digital signage, it’s similar to what’s going on in the economies of North America and Europe,” says Steve Nesbit, co-chair of The DailyDOOH Investor Conference taking place next Wednesday and Thursday as part of NYC #DpbMedia Week.

Nesbit, RMG Networks Chief Marketing Officer based in Dallas, says that the huge amount of uncertainty in the past, with investors and large companies hesitant to invest (even though they have plenty of money to do so) has now started to dissipate.

“This conference is incredibly timely because we’ll be looking at what we have learned as an industry and where we’re going,” he says. “It should embolden companies to invest, especially as we have seen a large number of M&A transactions in this space in the last month.

“My co-chair Adrian and have worked very hard to put together an agenda that touches on the current state of the industry; the dynamics; what business models are working and what are not; some successful capital ventures; how to raise funds; advertising and sales; and crowdfunding, which is becoming a huge topic. We’ve got great stories from companies like National Cinemedia and Ocean Outdoor”.

An elite group of business owners, Presidents, CEOs, COOs and Investors will mingle to hear presentations from a selection of industry experts who will share their business experience and their insight on the state and future of the outdoor, digital signage and digital out of home market. If you are serious about being a player in our industry, this is an event you must not miss!

There are still a handful of tickets available. You can register here.

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