Vorsprung durch Tokyo

Chris Sheldrake

Vorsprung durch Technik literally means ‘advantage through technology’ and here in Tokyo mid-week we noticed this impressive Scala installation in a very posh Audi showroom.

It’s amazing what you can find out when you play the idiot tourist and bizarrely far, far away from Audi’s home.

Anyway, we are reliably informed that this is all part of a global Audi standardisation programme across all of their dealers and showrooms.

It appears that this has been rolling out for the last year or so (someone said 18 months but we are really not certain).

The team back in the UK dug a little deeper and it seems that this is actually installed in over 600 locations in about 60+ countries!

Content is not surprisingly controlled at Audi HQ in Germany and the system is used to launch new models as well as provide detailed information and ‘on the road look and feel’ for different colours / options / specs etc etc.

This is definitely one of those ‘famous’ Scala InfoChannel deployments that they are not allowed to talk about. It’s a strange place for us to see it but we like it and will now be on the look out for some more and to get pictures.

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