TTUFF’s Open-Pluggable PC Series For DS

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Mississauga-based TTUFF Technologies’ has launched a new line of slot-loaded, small form-factor PCs designed and built to the fast-emerging Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) standard that allows digital signage network operators to streamline and simplify their deployments and ongoing management.

TTUFF’s new series allows the high-performing PCs to easily fit in slots integrated directly into the housings of flat panel display monitors, speeding up both the installation process and maintenance. Using dimensions and requirements set out in the Open Pluggable Specification, TTUFF units work with any display manufacturer’s units that also meet OPS specs.

“OPS introduces flexibility for digital signage operators who are looking for integrated display-PC units, but are unhappy with the performance of the PCs hard-wired into the production units already available on the market,” says Doug Wismer, TTUFF’s vice-president sales and marketing. “With our OPS series, operators and integrators can select OPS displays and then tune the PC choice to the software and content demands, as well as to budgets. They don’t have to settle for whatever PC was built into the design.”

The OPS standard was announced last year, in efforts led by Intel to standardize the design and development of digital signage display devices and plugable media players and simplify device installation, usage, maintenance and upgrades. OPS is expected to let manufacturers and operators deploy interchangeable systems faster and at higher volumes, while also lowering R&D costs.

NEC and Phillips are the first major display manufacturers releasing commercial LCD panels built to the OPS spec.

“The benefits of interchangeable, easily swapped PCs are obvious,” says Wismer, “but we also see OPS reducing deployment costs and lowering some barriers. 3G mobile wireless is an option, and that means deploying in an environment doesn’t need to involve wiring and advance planning. An integrated display-PC OPS unit with 3G can just be mounted, plugged in and then hit a mobile network to start updating. That saves substantial time and labor costs.”

TTUFF’s company focus has been on developing products tuned to the real world demands of digital signage networks. Built to run uninterrupted for years in demanding environments, thousands of TTUFF drive systems are being used in airports, universities, amusement parks, arenas, restaurants and mass merchandise retail stores around the world.

TTUFF Technologies, a division of TTX Canada Inc., is a recognized industry leader in the supply of small form factor digital signage drive systems, and also offers a large, diversified range of large screen LCD and plasma display drive systems. TTUFF is a North American Wide Value Added Distributor for NEC Displays Solutions large screen LCD displays, and a Canadian Value Added Distributor for Samsung and LG.

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