Make It Interactive Add A QR Code T-Shirts

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor, a San Diego based custom printing and embroidery business, has launched an innovative concept combining popular QR Codes with an easy to use online design tool that lets users create custom designed t-shirts and other items that incorporate the QR Code for a company’s or individual’s website.

Look even Reggie has one!

QR Codes have recently gained traction as smart phones have given more people the ability to scan and interact with technology. The most popular use of QR Codes is to configure them to point at a website. A QR Code generator will instantly create your custom QR Code.

You simply drag and drop that QR Code to the desktop on your computer and then you use the t-shirt design tool at to add that image to T-Shirts, hats, stickers, banners or other items.

While people can do this themselves, most companies want large orders for their staffs, for give-aways at trade shows and other various events. earns its revenue by printing the QR codes for companies. A firm can either provide a product to be printed or, as is more common, can provide the items to be printed.

“We have deals with all the major manufacturers, such as Hanes,” says Ronald Hall, part of the father-son team that launched . Ronald has been in the custom printing and embroidery business for nearly 40 years, while his son David has extensive experience in Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing.

“We don’t just do T-shirts,” says Ronald. “For example, we recently did banners for a major tennis company to use at the Indian Wells tennis tournament.”

While he says that other firms may offer something similar – We haven’t heard of any. Ed, we were intrigued in that his company stresses that well planned strategy is needed in regards to the QR code’s use. The company’s website has a detailed list of suggestions on how companies might use it. These include:

  • Daily deals: Put up a webpage to feature a daily deal. It’s easy to change the deal that is featured on that page daily, giving people a great reason to scan the code everyday to find out what deal is being offered. The key here is to make sure that the URL / address of the webpage stays the same so that the same QR Code can be used everyday.
  • QR Code T-Shirts: Put a QR Code on a T-Shirt, then simply post a new blog, video or link to something new and interesting each day on a blog, Facebook page or YouTube channel.
  • Retail Businesses: Every employee in a store could be wearing something with a QR Code printed on it. This gives customers a reason to approach the staff and engage with them. When the customer scans the QR Code they see the deal of the day, or a commercial for a featured product, or more information on a great new program.
  • Contest sign ups: Contests are a popular and successful mechanism for consumer engagement. Using QR Codes to point people to the contest sign up page is a great way to increase participation.
  • QR Codes for Restaurants: By using the contest sign up idea, it’s easy to collect mobile phone numbers and email addresses. That collected database of customers can be used for additional marketing such as texting and emailing specials to drive customers.
  • Be a Thought Leader: Consultants often seek to be seen as a Thought Leader in their industry. QR Codes pointing to a blog can be incorporated into any marketing for any industry. By consistently providing an insightful thought of the day, professionals can build a reputation and following as an expert.

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  1. Ana Udrea Says:

    Two Miami Ad School students tried to persuade Diesel to go for a similar idea- and allow people to share their favorite songs via QR codes on Diesel t-shirts. The project- called DSLTAG- was featured in a French advertising publication back in June/ July and we’ve also presented it on our blog.

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