ASoftwareArchitect Step To The Light

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It has long been a debate of ours whether we want to tighten up on how folks can post comments here on DailyDOOH – the anonymous thing encourages people to bother writing in we think and (to be fair to us) it’s actually very rare that we do NOT approve a comment (potential libel notwithstanding) but it always irks us that people are not more honest with who they are when they do write in with their views.

Who you are and your background of course effectively frames any comment and helps readers better form an opinion of ‘where you coming from’ and perhaps why you hold that view.

To that end then we would ALWAYS prefer for people to tell us honestly who they are when they comment but realistically we know that this will not always happen.

We had a comment today on an (old’ish) OpenSplash related post ‘The Days Of The Player Being The Clever Bit Are Long Gone‘ from an anonymous ASoftwareArchitect which started off with “i disagree with ..” which we simply couldn’t post.

The industry wide OpenSplash initiative which we have put our full weight behind has seemingly divided opinion in the software and hardware world.

We invite debate and comment but bottom line we won’t approve any comments on this site on any OpenSplash posts unless the author is identified – otherwise it just becomes a forum from those against to vent their anger (in the wrong direction as it happens).

So Mr ASoftwareArchitect (and others like you who want to comment under the cloak of anonymity) please comment again under your real name / company and we are more than happy to publish your views and engage in what we hope is a healthy debate.

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