PRN – Yours For USD 80 Million

Chris Sheldrake

We haven’t really written about PRN since we were the first to announce ‘Now PRN Is Up For Sale‘ and a day later when we detailed ‘Understanding Thomson’s Disposal Of PRN

We guess that the main piece of news is the price. PRN could be yours for a cool USD 80 Million. That’s a steep discount on the USD 285 million that Thomson Worldwide paid for them back in July 2005.

Not that much else has happened since.

PRN has had a number of suitors of course – interestingly in a couple of cases PRN actually tried to reverse the tables and went talking to networks about doing its own ‘acquisition’ – it doesn’t have the money or wherewithal to do this of course but this was in fact a diplomatic way to shop itself around and get in front of possible interested parties.

In the current economic climate and in reality with only one large customer the FOR SALE sign above PRN could be there for a long, long time.

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