Why Sell Coolsign’s Jewel In The Crown?

Chris Sheldrake

Late yesterday we wrote ‘Coolsign’s Gaming Portion Goes To Bally Technologies‘ and minutes before that ‘Coolsign SOLD – Well, Parts Of It Anyway!!!‘ and it’s worthwhile we feel taking another quick look at the deal.

First it’s important to stress that what has been sold is NOT the whole of Coolsign. The piece that has gone to Bally Technologies is the gaming part – undoubtedly the best bit of the business mind you!!

Planar we believe keeps the rights to sell CoolSign into markets other than gaming – so nice deals for them such as ‘Coolsign Wins Titan CTA Business‘ would stay in place.

This deal is either indicative of Planar’s need for cash or it was just too good an opportunity to miss (it may in fact be a bit of both).

Our belief however is that having sold off the gaming rights it is going to be much more difficult to sell the bigger division (i.e. what is left of Coolsign) – at least for a decent price anyway AND that is if it is still for sale?

Overall though it’s probably a very good purchase for Bally Technologies and a nice fit with their existing technology and core customers. Bally will be strengthened by the acquisition.

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