Minkus Kindle, Litter, Intrigue

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It’s been a while since we have written about all that is Minkus. Our last post ‘More Minkus Pussies‘ in June 2011 suggested that EnQii, Tiro, ADTI and Nanonation may have all allegedly settled with Minkus.

Well, we managed to get our hands on a pretty definitive list of who we think has been dismissed from the Minkus suit, which is as follows:-

JCDecaux North America, Inc.
C-nario, Ltd.
C-nario, Inc.
YCD Multimedia, Inc.
Planar Systems, Inc.
The Media Tile Co.
Tek Panel, Inc.
Scala, Inc.
Adaptive Micro Systems LLC
Omnivex Corporation
Zoom Media Corp.
Richardson Electronics, Ltd.
Nanonation Inc.
TiroMedia, LLC
EnQii Holdings Ltd.
EnQii (US) Inc.
WireSpring Technologies, Inc.
Cayin Technology Co., Ltd.
CS Software Holdings, LLC
Remote Media Group
Activision TV, Inc.
LSI Industries, Inc.
Advance Display Technologies, Inc.
Dynamax Technologies Ltd.
3M Company
3M Digital Signage
Broadsign International, Inc.
Captivate Network, Inc.
Titan Outdoor Holdings, Inc.
Zoom Media Inc.
Ryarc Media Systems
Helius, LLC
JCDecaux SA

Kittens come in groups called a kindle, litter, or intrigue but to our mind, there is only one word that describes the group here that has allegedly settled and that’s PUSSIES.

The words of pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) ‘First they came‘ is perhaps rather poignant here – there’s little hope for software vendors in our industry if they cannot stick together over something as simple as this.

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    Adrian’s ability to alienate his entire audience knows no bounds.

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