CETW Times Square

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

I’m not sure how relevant it is for CETW to attempt advertising or put any sort of content on a digital signage display at the center of Times Square but they have, as you can see below…

They are on both the Reuters sign and the NASDAQ tower so look on the right hand side, you can see their logo on three screens in a column above each other and on the left hand side you can just make out on the top screen, the words ‘NOVEMBER 9 – 10’ and below that the words ‘JAVITS CENTER’ and on the lower screen their logo (partially obscured in this photo by the JVC ball).

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  1. Lawrence Dvorchik Says:


    I’m surprised that you would have negative comments for a promotional awareness campaign through DOOH. On one hand, you suggest how everyone should consider DOOH as a viable media format, then trash those using it? Which is it?

    A simple discussion would have cleared up the reasons why we did it. We are thrilled with the campaign, and the awareness is brought during Advertising Week (60,000 people) and the week 2 othe events (DS Investor and DPAA conferences) took place, along with the ancillary events around those conferences. Not to mention the millions if impressions daily, some of whom might be employed by brands or agencies to whom this might nbe interesting.

    And, for anyone interested in advertising in Times Square, TS2 was an amazing partner to work with on this campaign.

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