…Used To Introduce An Extraordinary Deed…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

ComQi we understand won’t officially be announcing all of their new hires but if you are visiting CETW next week you might see some new faces – in fact you might see some familiar faces wearing new badges!

Rumour is that ComQi have been hiring like crazy; we’ve been told different numbers but TEN seems to be the number that tots up the most, made up from…

  • Four new sales people in NYC
  • Three new developers in Toronto
  • Three new developers in Jerusalem
  • The ComQi mobile demo that they have been touting as well will be a show-stopper. If you are attending then take your smartphone, head to the ComQi stand 417 and tell us what you think.

    We think you will be amazed!

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    1. Lance Bicep Says:

      No new President, North America?

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