Clear Channel UK Brings All Digital Assets Into Play

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Clear Channel UK has just launched Clear Channel Play – a new brand representing its entire digital media portfolio in the UK.

We are told that ‘Clear Channel Play’ is a new creative and engaging way to connect brands with people when they are active and out-of-home and reflects Clear Channel’s commitment to drive digital expansion across its UK and international network.

CEO of Clear Channel UK, Matthew Dearden told us “Our belief in the technological evolution of our medium has led us to create Clear Channel Play. This new, global brand represents our digital ambition which is a key part of our UK and international initiatives to evolve our medium and maximise advertising opportunities out-of-home.”

The launch of Clear Channel Play brings together all of CCUK’s digital networks under one brand enabling CCUK to work with its partners to open up new possibilities for advertisers to engage with their target audiences and deliver creative, flexible and interactive digital campaigns. It embodies the company’s vision of delivering greater engagement and flexibility through a forward-thinking approach.

Ultimately, Clear Channel Play is an invitation to Clear Channel’s customers and their target consumers to play, implying collaboration, interaction and a sense of excitement for what’s to come.

Cennydd Roberts, Clear Channel UK’s Head of Emerging Platforms said “We see our client relationships as creative partnerships, playing with ideas to build brands and businesses. For our ultimate audience – the consumer – Clear Channel Play also invites and promotes two-way communication via enhanced creative and interactive opportunities, such as NFC on our new LD6 network in London.”

Clear Channel Play includes: a rapidly expanding small format digital network in malls across the UK, LD6 – the UK’s first small format digital roadside network in London (launching on 28 November), spectacular digital roadside in Piccadilly Circus, large format digital roadside in London, a growing small format digital network in pubs and bars across the UK and small format digital in Birmingham Airport.

In total, advertisers will be able to play (get it?) with more than 750 digital connection points across multiple environments by the end of 2011.

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