#ISE2012 Camvine Stand 10S122

Geny Caloisi

Camvine tell us that they will be introducing a number of Customised Cloud Based Digital Signage Modules at #ISE2012.

The new CODAcall and CODAchannel modules are designed to provide a wide variety of businesses, corporate and public sector organisations, and digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising agencies with powerful tools to communicate with their target audiences.

Steve Hales, Head of Sales and Marketing at Camvine told us “CODAchannel and CODAcall have been developed as stepping stones for clients requiring dedicated digital signage solutions. They represent examples of Camvine’s ability to customise digital signage solutions and they can be incorporated into existing systems. We look forward to demonstrating these modules to international distributors and resellers for the first time at ISE Amsterdam.”

  • CODAchannel – an advertising module

    CODAchannel enables DOOH advertising network owners to rapidly and efficiently control live and dynamic content across many displays. The module drives displays, mixing live data feeds, custom messages and high impact visual content. Typically, playlists rotate split screen layouts in short, 10 second time periods. The content mixes advertising with entertainment and live feeds like news, weather and travel

  • CODAcall – a video and audio announcer

    CODAcall enables messages to interrupt playlists to make visual and audio announcements. The messages are editable and can be triggered externally by either manual or automatic intervention. The module is used in waiting rooms and is targeted for any audience environment where interruptions and automated messaging are beneficial

Before the show, Camvine will also announce the availability of a free 30 day trial for users to experience its standard CODA digital signage product

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