Noted Trends From #CETW

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The organisers of CETW have been quick to point out that many of their exhibitors felt that Customer Engagement Technology World New York 2011 delivered the highest quality attendees of any show in 2011.

With some of those (exhibitors) apparently telling CETW management that it was their most successful show of the year for the number of high quality leads they received.

Either way, there were four specific trends which were noted:

  • CETW NY 2011 exhibitors were greeted with a 34% increase in the number of verified attendees (non-exhibitors) over CETW 2010;
  • 1,126 of the attendee buyers (non exhibitors) did not attend CETW NY 2010. These ‘net-new’ companies represented many new opportunities for exhibitors;
  • Over 51% of CETW New York 2011 buyers already had their budgets approved, and were looking for their solution;
  • 91% of CETW attendees said that they would be making a purchase from a CETW exhibitor within 12 months.

CETW in 2012 will take place March 28-29 in San Francisco, and November 7-8 in New York.

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