Tokyo Convenience Stores Running Scala

Chris Sheldrake

Alpha Japan work with some of the most high profile retail companies in Japan and already has 150 systems deployed and another 300 scheduled to deploy by mid-2009 all, largely in the convenience store space.

Alpha Japan specialise in total system retail solutions and have chosen Scala to power their new ASP offering called ‘Primix VISION’

Guillaume Proux, Scala Asia Vice President lightheartedly told us earlier today “Thanks to Alpha Japan, we can pride ourselves in seeing our solution running whenever we go out and get a snack!”

This is a nice retail win and it’s great that it is delivered to retailers as an ASP / SaaS offering.

We have a couple more Tokyo stories for you this week and as it happens one of them is Scala based (we think) also.

About Alpha Japan

Founded in 1970 in Tokyo (Japan) and with forty years of history in providing advanced solutions to businesses ranging from retail to educational customers, Alpha Japan just recently made an explicit bid for a share of digital signage market through its new digital signage business division. Heralding its Primix™ brand on top of every screen deployed in over 150 convenience stores in and around Tokyo. Alpha Japan designs and distributes content ranging from commercials to entertainment information, news clips, weather reports, etc. As a total solution integration company without hardware affiliation, Alpha Japan delivers solutions that closely satisfy its customer’s needs.

Note: ‘Digital Sinage’ and not ‘Digital Signage’ in the logo on the web site shown above

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