CBS Outdoor Netherlands And NS Poort

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

CBS Outdoor Netherlands will continue to manage exclusively the advertising at all railway stations in the Netherlands after announcing last week the extension of their existing partnership with NS Poort.

The partnership is the largest outdoor advertising contract in the Netherlands and is the only one that offers nationwide coverage and distribution, making it a unique proposition for advertisers who want to reach an audience of 2,750,000 people each week.

As part of the partnership, there will be a multi-million euro investment by CBS Outdoor Netherlands into upgrading the advertising infrastructure at stations, including the development of a digital panel offering.

About CBS Outdoor Netherlands

CBS Outdoor Netherlands specializes in outdoor advertising on street furniture like bus shelters, billboards, bus stations and tram advertising and publicity. The portfolio covers approximately 275 municipalities. For advertising on petrol stations and railway stations, CBS Outdoor Netherlands has exclusive contracts with Shell and the Dutch Railways. CBS Outdoor Netherlands is part of CBS Outdoor International, which in turn is part of the media company CBS Corporation.

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