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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Not strictly digital (err okay nothing at all to do with Digital) but interesting nonetheless (and hey maybe our industry should sponsor something similar going forward) but CBS Outdoor just sent me this announcement on the launch of their Tube (London Underground) copywriting competition.

A competition to find the next “Underground Writer” !!!

It’s basically a competition challenging advertising creatives to produce an engaging brand story for a live client brief on Tube Car Panels.

CBS Outdoor’s “Underground Writers” competition challenges agency creatives to write brilliant piece of creative or copy for a live client, with the prize of a London-wide Tube Car Panel (TCP) campaign to showcase the winning creative, plus a holiday for two for each winner.

Creatives will be asked to produce a campaign to tell their client’s brand story in the most engaging way possible, utilizing one or two TCP sites that are positioned separately or consecutively in the carriage.

I didn’t know this but those Tube Car Panels (the advertising sites inside the carriages) have an average 13 minute dwell time! I know that when I am travelling on the Tube I usually end up reading every single one of them in my eye range.

CBS Outdoor’s ‘The London Commuter’ research found that a third of commuters think that advertising on the London Underground brightens up their journeys AND a study by TNS discovered that Tube Car advertising provides the traditionally reserved British public somewhere to direct one’s gaze – I would definitely tend to agree with that!

A panel of leading industry figures will judge the entries and CBS Outdoor will announce the winner in February.

Further details can be found at www.underground-writer.com.

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