Connected-Device Adoption Trends

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Holiday shopping and presents received were reflected in some interesting data compiled by JiWire, San Francisco.

The location-based mobile media company’s on-the-go audience network connecting to public Wi-Fi found significant variations around connected-device adoption from BEFORE 1st December – 24th December and AFTER 25th December through to 31st December and AFTER the holiday timeframe.

Key findings include:

  • The Kindle Fire more than tripled in connections in the U.S., growing 3.4 times;
  • The iPad decreased in connections by 4.5%;
  • In the top DMAs, post-holiday, leading city Denver saw a 400% increase in people connecting with a Kindle Fire, while the iPad saw an increase of 151%;
  • Los Angeles followed Denver with a158% increase in people connecting with the Kindle Fire and a 24% increase in people connecting with the iPad, post-holiday;
  • Pre-holiday, 51.3% of people connected from their laptops and 38.8% from smart phones;
  • But post-holiday, it was almost the opposite, with 38.5% percent connecting from their laptops and 50.8% connecting on their smart phones.

While the individual figures are small bytes of information, taken together, they certainly reveal a changing mobile landscape.

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