Several CRI Departures (Including Jason Dorin)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Rumour was a few days ago that Jason Dorin, Director, Client Services at Creative Realities had been let go and since our initial post we received the usual raft of anonyMouse comment and email…

One insider told us “Jason Dorin was let go. He was a great guy… It wasn’t reflective on his work… You didn’t hear this from me but there were a couple of other adjustments as well”

And another told us “CRI is still doing very well, just doing typical reorganizing and this shows that our NYC office and marketing personnel isn’t immune to cuts and restructures”

I’m sure CEO Paul Price would give us an official statement if we asked but I think we have all we need to know already. It’s a tough market out there for everyone.

2 Responses to “Several CRI Departures (Including Jason Dorin)”

  1. anonyMouse Says:

    your insider is delusional. He is right about one thing though. It wasn’t reflective of Jason’s work. It was because they are doing so poorly that they are cutting people to make the numbers appear better to their investors. They are so behind on their bills they are COD with many vendors. They even had the dumpster company stop picking up garbage. If they lose AdSpace or gamestop they will have no choice but to close their doors, ALL OF THEM. The folks that are funding them won’t be fooled by creative accounting anymore.

    I wouldn’t bother asking Paul for a statement either. He’s practically a politician.

  2. ProAV Says:

    Interesting article. Seems like more and more people are let go at CRI, its like a ferriswheel of hiring and firing. I’d hate to be there and never know if I’m on the chopping block, doesn’t help for self morale if you catch my drift…

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