Content Suppliers Come And Go

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

French based but mightily global these days BlueFox seem to be the only content supplier in town who have survived from inception and even gone from strength to strength – as every other startup we have seen enter this space seems to soon go out of business – Doohstuff B.V for example came and went pretty damn sharp’ish as did oohcontent BUT there have been many others who have disappeared as quickly as they appeared.

Still that doesn’t seem to stop new ones cropping up and the latest we have seen is Adversign Media GmbH’ Contboxx based in Düsseldorf.

3 Responses to “Content Suppliers Come And Go”

  1. Marius Says:

    Lord oh lord, I hope the spelling of Contboxx never needs to include a letter u. A terrible tragedy if it was lost in translation

  2. Guillaume de la tour Says:

    The difficulties is to be global as soon as possible in this business.
    BlueFox has begun to earn money only at 30 000 screens provided. No country in the world can provide a surcharge large amount to one content provider.
    Thanks for the article!
    Guillaume de La Tour / BlueFox

  3. Clement Says:

    Hey Guys,

    Sure content is a tough business. But please note that our company is still around, providing content for DOOH as well as to other media (web, inflight, iptv) since 2005.

    In the DOOH area, we proudly have running deals with Carrefour Market (FR), Neo Advertising (CH), Pharmatic (CH), Akoo (USA), Retail Media (FR) and Watch (KW), plus integration by some kiosk manufacturer…

    thanks for your attention

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