#NRF Blue Bite’s NFC Demo

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We’ve noticed that New York-based Blue Bite LLC will be exhibiting at #NRF in New York, along with UPM RFID, Fletcher, North Carolina, one of its Near Field Communication partners that provides Blue Bite with its NFC tags.

Blue Bite has been around for more than five years as a mobile-marketing solutions provider using a targeted, location-based approach to reach captive audiences on their personal mobile devices in about 1,000 locations across the U.S..

The Company employs a combination of leading-edge mobile technologies to deliver virtually any digital media content including images, videos, audio mp3s, maps, games, applications and coupons to mobile phones within targeted geographic locations.

The company really came to our attention last year when it partnered with RMG Networks, announcing that, making use of the emerging NFC mobile technology, the partners were launching a first-of-its-kind place-based media network existing entirely on mobile devices.

“We’ve recently been doing some very exciting things along with our various DOOH partners (including RMG Networks) utilizing our NFC platform, the mTAG, which we are very excited about and see as really growing and expanding in 2012,” says Daniel Trigub, vice-president business development, Blue Bite.

“Specifically at NRF, we will be demoing how our platform can be used in a retail environment to enable various rich media interactions for products.

“Without question, we are amidst an exciting time as the proliferation of NFC continues and will be a great supplement and powerful tool with not only DOOH but OOH in general (including retail environments). This is the future of mobile engagements.”

To see a demo, visit the UPM RFiD booth #2153, where Mikhail Damiani, CEO, and Tom Duncan, president, both of Blue Bite, will show the consumer engagement experience and platform in person and answer any questions.

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