Verifone Joins The DPAA

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

VeriFone Media, who combine the highly-targeted delivery of the VeriFone Digital Network (VNET) in taxis and at gas pumps with the wide reach of traditional out-of-home on taxis and transit vehicles has just announced that it has joined the DPAA.

Susan Danaher, president of the DPAA told us “We are delighted to add VeriFone Media to our growing member roster and look forward to working closely with them to advance their business as well as that of the digital place-based media industry overall.”

Chris Polos, vice president of media with VeriFone, said, “As we continue to grow our digital network presence it is increasingly important for us to have a seat at the table on matters of importance to the industry. We plan to be actively involved in DPAA activities and will utilize their many resources to assist our sales efforts.”

A leader in the emerging field of payment enabled media, VeriFone delivers a unique combination of accountable, captive media with world-leading payments technology create the only digital out-of-home platform that allows consumers to truly watch, interact and transact.

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