Enter The Game, Well Done Raphaël

Giuseppe Andrianò

I’m happy to see an old friend starting a new adventure in a totally new industry role. Raphaël PINOT, former SMARTreports Digital Signage chief editor & consultant for Cleverdis has just joined MMD PHILIPS Public Displays as Digital Media director for France.

Raphaël told me “I’m glad to join a company with such a brand like Philips and strong industrial capacity thanks to TPV. I have been convinced by their strategy, organisations, solutions and ambitions to be market leader. I will do all my best to bring my 360° Digital Media market vision and relationships, towards our partners and end users.”

I will have the opportunity to celebrate his new role with him at #ISE2012 and I will ask more detail about the change in perspective from working ‘for’ the industry as opposed to ‘in’ the industry.

2 Responses to “Enter The Game, Well Done Raphaël”

  1. Mark Pigou Says:

    Bon chance Raphael – one of the good guys in the industry and MMD Philips lucky to get him.

  2. Marko Says:

    Met him toda at ISE, he was as chirpy and happy as ever. Best of luck Raphael.

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