Keith Kelsen, AOpen And OpenService

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

An interesting ‘factoid’ came our way Wednesday. From what we can make out from those we spoke to (no-one in Europe or the US would go on the record) it appears that AOpen are relying on the combination of Keith Kelsen and John Curran (that will be ‘5th screen digital services’ then) to push, promote, manage their new US only offering OpenService.

AOpen Partners who have been briefed have been presented with a slide labelled “your solutions support team” which then lists Vernon Slack (AOpen’s Director of Business Development) and Kelsen and Curran!

5th Screen Digital Services bill themselves these days as folks who will “provide strategic consulting services for digital signage networks that simplifies the technology supply chain, reduces the cost of operational support and content production plus audience analysis to effectively measure campaign effectiveness”

Perhaps we need to have a better understanding of what AOpen actually think that OpenService entails because it looks to us, just like it would to their existing software partners that they (AOpen) are working against the very software vendors who sell AOpen hardware product.

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