#dse2012 err Getting Noticed By Advertisers?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If rVue‘s Mantra is ‘Digital Out-of-Home Media Made Easy‘ why then does their latest quarterly filing show so little ad revenue?

We’re just asking but we thought it kinda funny – especially when we read the filing statements at the same time as some of the latest announcements from the organisers of #dse2012. We quote…

  • Jennifer’s panel of Media Strategists, on March 6 from 11:05am – 12:00pm during the Digital Place-Based advertising summit, How Media Strategists Are Successfully Selling Digital Place-Based To Brands, is a must-attend for media buyers and networks looking to receive tips on how to help get the most out of their conversations with clients interested in DPB media
  • Jason’s presentation, on March 7 from 3:00 – 4:00pm, Getting Noticed By Advertisers, will offer networks insight into how you can increase revenue by positioning your digital out-of-home network favorably in the eyes of agencies and advertisers

That will be those experts Bolt and Kates then.

RVUE HOLDINGS, INC. are also doing some interesting off-balance sheet deals, if you are interested then see this Form 8-K/A from 1-Feb-2012 and this Form 8-K/A from 6-Feb-2012

These guys have lost USD 4.4 million in the past 5 quarters which surely isn’t good.

3 Responses to “#dse2012 err Getting Noticed By Advertisers?”

  1. Mrs MoneyPenny Says:

    I just looked at the rvue accounts – I assumed the numbers were in thousands and they had $2m+ of ad revenue and only after doing a double take did I realize it was $2k! Sheesh

  2. DoneWithDOOH Says:

    Little surprise here in my view. DOOH is limping along and the vast majority of platforms are losing money faster than a drunk in Vegas. The business is presently fundamentally flawed and the DPAA isn’t going to be able to herd all these cats in the direction needed.

  3. grizzled vet Says:

    No surprises. These guys have been money losing posers since the early days of their awful Sports Authority network. They show a consistent capability to do poor work at the wrong time and in the wrong place. Sorry – just calling it as I see it – no axe to grind.

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