enVu Splash Out on Ayuda’s Software Including Juice

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

enVu, the leading out-of-home (OOH) interactive media company announced at #dse2012 that it has selected Ayuda Media Systems to manage its inventory and media sales operations.

This is the second big network win for Aydua (earlier in the week it announced a soup to nuts software deal with GSTV). Ayuda will provide its Splash and Juice software applications, which together offer a comprehensive, integrated solution that consolidates core media business functions—providing enVu the tools needed to efficiently manage its entire media sales and inventory operations from a single, unified platform.

enVu’s latest OOH product that will utilise Ayuda’s software is enSpire. Strategically located in the most heavily trafficked areas of 135 shopping malls in the United States, enVu’s enSpire network enhances consumer experience with gestural technology that allows consumers to interact with advertisements projected onto the floor. The immersive, gestural technology is programmed to respond when a consumer comes in contact with the platform, detecting shadows and creating interactions. enSpire heightens consumer recall through direct media interaction, captivating audiences unlike any other “touch” medium. Through responsive and real-time mobile device interaction, consumers can connect to social media networks via the enSpire platform.

Having provided comprehensive media workflow management software to some of the world’s largest OOH networks for almost a decade, Ayuda is well positioned to assist digital networks in achieving the same level of efficiency in managing their entire operations from a single system. Specifically, Ayuda’s Splash™ and JuiceTM software applications will provide enVu with functions from pre-sales pipeline management, to billing, invoicing, and proof-of-play. Ayuda’s platform will seamlessly integrate with enSpire’s interactive technology and content management software ActiVia for Media, allowing for a single point of control in which sales staff can manage leads, check digital avails, and send media proposals.

Benjamin Mathieu, enVu’s CEO told us “enSpire has revolutionised advertising in digital out-of-home (DOOH)—engaging consumers like never before and helping brands capture and increase market share. With its combination of gesture-based technology and floor projection capabilities, the enSpire platform is able to create a somatic moment for consumers—generating an emotional bookmark that they will remember”

He continued “Ayuda’s ability to integrate their Splash CMS with our gestural technology provides us with the key benefit of being able to manage our inventory on the same software that sales staff can check avails and manage their pipeline activity and proposals. There is great efficiency to be garnered from such a system, and we are excited about moving forward with Ayuda’s leading software solutions.”

About enVu

enVu, a wholly-owned subsidiary of STRATACACHE, is an industry-leading media company based in New York City. Leveraging interactivity, mobile applications and social media networks in digital out-of-home (DOOH), enVu provides advertisers and brands with immersive experiences to target audiences, engage consumers and influence purchase decisions. With an existing viewership of 1.5 billion consumers per year, by 2013 enVu will reach five billion annual viewers in the top 20 designated market areas (DMAs)

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