#dse2012 @ComQi Shazam Awards Wendy More

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

ComQi had a familiar looking stand at #dse2012 – these folks, obviously taking the concept that worked so well in Amsterdam at #ISE2012 and regurgitating it…

It was nice to catch up with Stuart Armstrong and it was also the first time that we had met with Wendy Bosley since she joined the company from Christie’s Managed Services decision. ComQi will also be celebrating a DSE Gold Apex award given Wednesday evening at the show for ‘Exploreboard Ettraction Touch screen’.

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  1. Dave Taylor Says:

    Wendy is one of those people that is always great to talk to, she has a lot of knowledge and does an amazing job researching new topics.

    It is always a Pleasure to chat with her!!!

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