Wendy Bosley Joins ComQi

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Perhaps we kicked ComQi into action (though probably not as their marketing has been spot on since the merger) but they reached out to us at the weekend, after our (cryptic) post last Friday in which we said “rumour is that ComQi have been hiring like crazy” and told us that they would SOON tell us who they have hired (well at least the three sales people whom we are most interested in).

We’ll update this post just as soon as they do let us know officially. However what we can say is that one of their hires is a certain Wendy Bosley, well known in the industry, beautiful (am I allowed to say that?), intelligent, witty, a Welsh lass who lives in Atlanta, now ex-Christie Managed Services group but bottom line no doubt a FANTASTIC hire for ComQi.

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  1. Karen Biscoe Says:

    Hi Adrian,

    Wendy truly is ALL of those things, but she’s actually Welsh from Birmingham 🙂 . She is that total rockstar package everyone hopes to find. Happily, I found her first!!

    She made the decision very easy on us…and she definitely had some competition. It was her consistent sales track, deep industry knowledge, raw intelligence, and her ability to connect both on the professional and the personal level with everyone that compelled us to move quickly.

    Today is a good day as they welcome their newest sales people on board to the ComQi team!!

  2. Kate Sheehy Says:

    Wendy congratulations on your new position! Excellent choice ComQi.

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