Alan Brawn’s Top 15 @dsfederation

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In what will only prove to be an embarrassment to the Digital Signage Federation (which is actually doing a sterling job at the moment) if it were ever revealed news reached us yesterday that all DSF Board members had received an email from Chairman Alan Brawn saying that he “always gets asked who the top software vendors are … so as a service to the board” he was sharing his top 15!

The top 15 was, we are reliably informed (we haven’t seen it), dubious at best and caused a huge amount of furore – perhaps because it didn’t include a number of DSF members who you might expect to be included (whether that’s because of merit or the fact that they are members we will leave to you to figure).

Dozens of emails were traded back and forth with some form of retraction being the final end result.

If anyone wants to share Brawns’ list with us we’d pay handsomely and would only be too happy to publish and critique!

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