Call2Action Installs A 3400 BroadSign Network

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

A leading digital signage network operator in Poland, Call2Action SA, has completed the deployment of BroadSign’s SaaS platform on its 3400-screen network and continues to instal new digital signs in big grocery stores across the country.

According to Call2Action, as the network’s growth accelerated, the company recognized the need for a software platform that could manage the increasing number of locations, complex schedules and content loops without adding overhead costs (and chose BroadSign).

It is our understanding that BroadSign has replaced a small, local digital signage software solution called M4B – Media for Business.

Michal Maciuk, a senior executive at Call2Action told us “BroadSign equips us with a powerful and versatile system for communicating with the customers. Our screens become part of the shopping process; moreover, they enhance it. As a leader in innovation, we always aim to use the best tools possible – that is why we have chosen BroadSign”.

Call2Action is an advertising-supported business and its networks in Tesco hypermarkets, the Alma delicatessen chain and Piotr i Paweł supermarkets offer national reach to brands.

The content is produced in partnership with TVN News Agency and advertising sales are brokered by TVN Media. Both partners belong to TVN Group – the largest media group in Poland.

Call2Action delivers two types of what they call ‘consumer television’ programming (yes I know that is a truly horrible term)

  • Wait TV – aimed at shoppers in the checkout lines
  • Shopping TV that is aired on the screens inside the store

Wait TV’s content loop is 6 minutes long, while Shopping TV’s loop length is 12 minutes.

Both channels feature 5 to 30 second ad spots that are placed between informational segments.

According to studies conducted by Millward Brown SMG/KRC, a Polish research firm…

  • 26 percent of shoppers’ contacts with Call2Action ads resulted in a purchase of the products advertised
  • 64.3 percent of customers reported that Wait TV screens kept them entertained at checkout
  • 69 percent of patrons said that the screens inside the store (Shopping TV) were a good source of information relevant to their shopping goals

Since the start of its operation in 2010, Call2Action has won over an impressive list of advertisers, many of whom are repeat customers.

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