PilotTV In Intel OPS + AMT + @IntelAIMSuite Trial

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Intel, with its latest embedded systems technology, is partnering with digital out of home media company PilotTV in Taiwan for a digital signage showcase co-marketing project in Asia.

Typical PilotTV installation

PilotTV’s multicast signage panels are found across Taiwan in three major networks: FamilyMart stores, McDonald’s, and Kao-Hsiong MRT railway transportation. The cooperative deal will enable consumers to be targeted and reached quickly.

PilotTV will adopt three of Intel’s embedded systems latest technologies: Intel OPS, Intel AMT and Intel AIM Suite.

Intel AIM Suite anonymous video analysis techniques will combine with PilotTV-developed OViewer ratings measurement system to accurately capture media viewing and determine such information as age and gender – this looks like a SWITCH as previously, the Quividi system seems to have been used by the network before, Ed.

In addition to determining accurate consumer information, providing the launch with a reference in the future, these technologies will enable advertisers to precisely convey their messages to the most appropriate consumer groups, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of their advertising budgets.

PilotTV is a major digital signage aggregator with its own in-house software team in Taiwan with more than 3000 screens reaching 4 million people daily. Its displays include two screens besides the entrance door and above vending machines in FamilyMart stores; on Kao-Hsiong MRT platforms and at ticket stations; and facing the largest dining areas in McDonald’s.

The trial will involve 20 sites in the Greater Taipei area with SNB-based OPS + AMT + AIM solution.

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