Airport Partners Go (More) Digital

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Airport Partners, the largest regional airport advertising company in the UK announced earlier this week the launch of five new digital networks across it’s portfolio of 23 airports.

City of Derry

By the end of May, eight of its key airports will have digital networks launched including Bristol, Southampton, Liverpool, Derry, Inverness, Exeter and Newcastle.

The network at Derry Airport was launched last week with Inverness going live this week with five key launch advertisers, including Northern Recycling and Bord Na Gaidhlig.

Within the next 2 weeks, Bristol digital comes on line with an enhanced network, followed by Exeter and a new arrivals network at Southampton.


Paula Oliver, MD at Airport Partners told us “We have successfully trialled digital advertising at a number of airports over the last 18 months, often using existing airport screens to test the market cost efficiently. The response from local advertisers has been phenomenal! They love the flexibility and cost effectiveness of the medium.

She added “We have now convinced our airports to install dedicated networks with 42”, 46” or 55” screens. It’s really exciting times for us and we are now looking at larger solus screens in key locations at our airports to further enhance the media offer”.

Since the beginning of the year, Airport Partners have added 50% more screens to its digital holding. The networks are being installed by Solutions AV and the content is powered by Signagelive.

Airport Partners is part of AdGroup, established in 1986 by Andrew Walker, CEO. The Group, based in Harrogate, specialises in outdoor and transport advertising and sponsorship.

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